"Sewing is increasingly becoming recognised as an effective way to combat depression, the absorption demanded by needlework – its flow – calming the mind and reducing stress. The sense of accomplishment can boost mental health and improve our immune system, as relief from the pressure of multitasking is replaced by focussing on one thing."  -Clare Hunter on the Guardian-

Notting Hill Workshop.jpg

I'm a firm believer in the power of a good workshop!

From complete beginners to more confident ones, we've got you covered. 


  • Friendly step-by-step approach

  • Different ways to make your project personal and unique

  • Strong focus on sustainability and wellbeing


Gave this experience as a birthday gift to a friend, and she loved it! Completely beaming afterwards, showing off her work and felt really inspired to keep learning more about embroidery. She said that Milou was a lovely and fascinating host too, with a beautiful boat. I felt that she was really easy and nice to organise the day with too. Thank you!!

Loved meeting other people, the instructor was engaging, inspiring and very skilled. The tea served was lovely and elegant. Best thing I did in London.