Share something about your story through embroidery. And take part in the making of the East London Tapestry.

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“Embroidery is a process of conveying and capturing stories. Behind every embroidered piece there is a story.”
– Kirsty Whitlock, Artist

I'm making a collaborative East London based tapestry, and I'm inviting you to embroider something for it.

I got the inspiration when reading about old epic tapestries, including, of course, the famous Bayeux tapestry, and reading about textile traditions across the world that, on the other side of the creative spectrum, reveal the personal stories of ordinary people.


Being based in East London played a major part in my decision to develop this textile project: working closely with my local community, teaching embroidery, and learning about the rich history of this part of London and its connection with textiles were all decisive factors when I began to imagine this piece. And with it, I hope to create a safe space for creative dialogue, sharing and making in an inclusive and fun manner!


 I appreciate the radical power of embroidery, its potential as a creative tool that encourages action, mindfulness,  a slower pace of life, connection and care. There's many important stories that have been narrated and expressed, against all odds, through the embroidery of precious yet not necessarily luxurious textiles, and I'm very much drawn to the raw force behind such a calm and slow activity. Embroidery has become for me an important tool to encourage creative resilience and resistance.

In times of divided opinions, social bubbles are getting harder to burst, so I thought about a tapestry that can shows us, as it takes form, how wonderfully connected we all are.


Listen to this episode of the Curious Creative to learn more about the project!

The Curious Creative show is presented by award-winning presenter Nicolette Wilson-Clarke. It's THE local online radio show that supports the creative in learning WHO they are so that they can authentically focus on WHAT they do. 

It's aim is to unpick the chaos of the human mind and encourage a new way of being for the emotionally challenged creative.

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Share A Stitch at Poplar Union

Address: 2 Cotall St, Poplar, London E14 6TL


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