Because embroidery is a slow process, you can take your piece back home to work in your spare time, but it’s vital that you do send it back to me, and I hope you won’t mind if I check up on you every now and then, to make sure you’ve not forgotten!

Fabric Rolls


The idea behind this project is to share something personal that has meaning for you.


  • You could bring a photo, and embroidery the outline of that

  • Embroider a thing that changed you.

  • The image or simple drawing of a person that means a lot to you

  • Their name/s

  • A geographical location:The road you live on, or the road you that has sentimental value to you/ The home address of someone who means a lot to you.

  • A flag or the colour of a flag

  • A saying/proverb that is symbolic of evocative to you/your story/your culture. Feel free to write it in your original language, but include a translation.

  • The name of a neighbourhood in Tower Hamlets, maybe one you lived in or grew up in.

  • The outline of a building in Tower Hamlets (explain why).

  • A message to the future (rectangle shape)

  • Your signature!!!

  • Think about a mythological creature or character belonging to your culture/background and for which you feel an emotional attachment to. (find one, send photo, Redraw, re-interpret). If you plan to attend a future session I’m more than happy to print this image for your next time. Just send it to me via email: milou.stella@gmail.com

  • Your self-portrait! You can do this in a realistic way, if you fancy. But stylised is more than welcome, see some of the examples below to get an idea.

  • You can contribute something abstract!

  • Something emblematic

  • A tree or a flower that is symbolic to you, your family or an idea that you feel connected with (ex. The Tree of Life or, The apple tree in your grandparents’ garden).

Fabric Ideas

We want to use recycled materials wherever possible.


  • You could use a piece of fabric that has sentimental value to you as the background for your piece (this could be a shirt belonging to someone you lost, someone you love, a child maybe, or a partner, or a friend, etc.)

  • You could use second-hand clothes that you found cheap in your area. Cut it in the size of your piece, so that it lays flat.

  • You could use any of the scraps of fabric provided.

  • You could choose to use a fabric that is a historically relevant to you.

This project is going to be a wall hanging inspired by the concept of the magic carpet, made in East London and celebrating our diverse backgrounds and stories.