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Share your story through embroidery






Come and join us, experiment with us, talk to us, and spend some time embroidering.

I'm interested in creating a space where we can talk about our lives without pressure:

gentle souls, loud souls, souls whose first language isn't English, old wise souls, even those who don't believe in souls are welcome!


Break away from the social bubbles that we all live in and engage with other strangers.

It's healing, it's powerful, it's a bit like a magic carpet!

Half ordinary stitching and half folk story, I wonder, what is our potential together?

I'm inviting you to pop on. We're making our own magic carpet. Let's see where it will take us!

IN PRACTICE - You all like this part, don't you?

We're making a large wall hanging. It will take time to make, just like most beautiful things on our planet, and just like good friendships do. Let's not rush!


  • Embroidery materials are provided. I work with recycled fabrics, so it will be an interesting mix, depending on the session. Each session will be slightly different, accommodating for the amount of different people attending.

  • You're welcome to join with a strong idea. It's your story you're contributing after all, this can be as little as a scrap of fabric, to a quote, or a copy of a photograph you'd like to embroider. You can read more about this HERE.  

  • You don't need to know how to embroider, but if you do, please share your skills! We all love that. If you're a complete beginner backstitching is more than enough, and I'll show you what to do! Don't worry.

  • Share as much as you like, your presence is already a great gift, so if you're more of a reserved type, we get you! I always provide simple ideas that fit in with the project.

  • The workshops are free!