Embroidery for Wellbeing

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Address:The Create Place, 29 Old Ford Rd, London E2 9PJ


04, 11,18 MAR 2020

01, 08, 15 APR 2020

Each month we'll be focusing on a different slow project.

Whether you come at the beginning and attend all three classes, or can only make one, this workshop will benefit you in equal measure.

You're welcome to continue your project at home too, or to pick it up from where you left it the last time you attended. We hope that these slow projects can help you develop a healthy creative practice to support your wellbeing and skills.

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all ha


Time to celebrate the beginning of the month with a fun round of Exquisite corpse. This month's focus is on the importance of play for adults too, and how playing is good for our wellbeing and heart.


Through this game we'll develop the designs for some cool glass coasters. Of course, we'll be using recycled fabrics.

If you have any old garments or scraps you'd like to work with. Please don't hesitate to bring them with you.

Did you know that stitching can help if you suffer from anxiety and depression? The pace of this gentle activity is soothing and calming, your mind can settle on one simple task, and peace can be reached. For this reason, this class focuses on one stitch per session, usually paired with some simple mindful exercises to start the session with.

These workshops are currently running at The Create Place in Bethnal Green, from 6.30 till 9.30 P.M. on Wednesdays.

Come and discover the wellbeing potential of embroidery!

£8, materials are provided.

Book ahead.





What's best than to start the year making the most useful piece of kit needed by anyone who's ever held a needle in hand? Expect some positive affirmation exercises to start this new decade filled with good energy and resilience.

You'll learn simple skills and stitches that will help you with mending techniques, and useful for gift making too.

Feel free to bring your own felt, if you have a very specific idea in mind. 


We encourage the use of recycled materials wherever possible. If you have a felted jumper you don't wear anymore, why not turn it into something beautiful, unique and useful?




Love and self-love: make your own reusable hankie from recycled fabric and express what’s close to your heart for yourself or a loved one. This workshop will focus on embroidering text.


Let's turn a classic into contemporary fun!




Sweet dreams are not all about dreaming, and spring is round the corner!

Bring your own pillow case or cushion cover to personalise, or work with a deconstructed cushion cover made from recycled fabrics.

You'll be choosing from traditional folk floral designs and/or get a chance to experiment with your own floral drawing if you fancy.

As a wise man said: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Thank you William Morris!

Cov-19 Update: We' re currently working towards making these weekly workshops available online. Please join the mailing list to be notified when the platform will be ready.