Embroidery for Wellbeing

The Create Place, 29 Old Ford Rd, E2 9PL, Bethnal Green, London

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"Creativity is an act of defiance"

JANUARY 2022- MARCH 2022 || £14

First Wednesday of the month || 6.30-9.00 pm

Jan 5/22 - BOOK

Feb 9/22 - BOOK

Mar 2/22 - BOOK

PROJECT: Make an embroidered panel

We like to keep it simple so that your creativity can shine.

A panel can become a patch for your denim jacket, a wall-hanging, a sampler, a notebook cover, or a pouch. Now, let's play.


This workshop is perfect for you if you're interested in exploring the relationship between slow making and wellbeing, if you've been curious to learn different ways of using textiles scraps in versatile ways through personalised projects and within a relaxed and supportive environment.

Through developing a routine practice week by week, you'll learn the discipline of this gentle art.


In this workshop we mix embroidery, mending and art techniques with wellbeing knowledge and exercises as a way to practice self-care, appreciate the peace of slow making and learn calming skills.


 We highly recommend you bring your own sewing kit and scraps, however we can sell you a kit online or in person if you can’t travel or don’t know where to start.


Compulsory booking.

Beginner friendly.


A space to nurture your imagination.











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This season we’ll be working on making a textile panel of your choice, using recycled fabrics and embroidery techniques.

Whether you come at the beginning and attend all classes, or make only make one, this workshop will benefit you in equal measure.


Sheila, T-Shirt embellishment Bundle

I loved Milou's workshop. I found her enthusiasm really inspiring and look forward to attending more in the future. Meanwhile I’m endeavouring to put her teaching into practice.

Rachel, T-Shirt embellishment Bundle

The Embroidery for Wellbeing workshops have done so much to keep me creative during this lockdown!

Veronica, Coaster Making Series

Last Wednesday I decided to enrol on @moodybrightdesigns fantastic digital embroidery class, which was mindful and a joy to participate in (very similar to visual research classes at art schoo).


Another of my favourite photos form 2018


Dates: 7/5, 14/5, 21/5Time: 6pm- 9pm

via Zoom

£10 for a single ticket

£28 for the bundle

This workshop is for absolute beginners and people with no experience in embroidering on jersey.


Jersey is a tricky fabric that requires a bit of extra thinking. Not all stitches will work and each one of you might have a different natural approach to the material, very similar to how each one of us has a different hand-writing: some of you might be heavy handed, some of you might be more comfortable with small detailed work, some of you might just want to give it a try to see how it feels and will be less precious from the start. These are just three examples, but there’s more, and none of them are wrong.


This workshop will allow you to explore the project following a variety of small embroidery exercises and experiments that will help you decide and know how to choose the embroidery you like for you sustainable upcycled wardrobe, because we really believe in the fact that your most sustainable item is the one you already own.




WEEK 1: Sleeves and lines

WEEK 2:Body and design

WEEK 3: Creative Explorations


*You can attend from any part of the world as long as you follow London UK time.  Kits for sale  for UK based people (majorly sorry, it's special times).Must be ordered 7 days before the workshop you have booked.

APRIL: Coaster making
Dates: 1/4, 8/4, 15/4
Time: 6pm- 9pm
via Zoom

"Everything has its wonders, even darkne

£8 for a single ticket.


£18 with complimentary kit.

Read below for more details

Learn to use textile collage techniques borrowed from appliqué designs, Japanese and Indian embroidery, abstract painting and quilting traditions.

In this workshop you'll be using small scraps of fabric, ideally: leftover from previous projects, or small cut outs from your fabric stash. I'd like to stress the ethos behind this project, which is all about recycling and finding beauty and value in those pieces we usually throw away. It's the challenge and the fun of this workshop.

We'll talk about the importance of composition and balance when creating a collage, but also, the many different approaches that exist when it comes to assembling. Please bring your intuition!




Image shows an example of a kit content.

We've put together these kits so that you can attend this online workshop even if you're a complete beginner and have no scraps.

Each kit contains a carefully selected amount of fabrics  chosen for their contrasting qualities, textures or pattern, and threads (embroidery and utility) for your to develop two coasters. Also included: felt, four pins, two needles. Scissors are not included.

The irregular shape of some of the scraps has been kept intentionally. We'll talk more about this during the workshop.

Please read carefully the instructions above when filling the form.

We'll try and make sure you get colours you like, but sometimes this might not be possible. 


We have four kits available right now:

- Peachy & Gold

- Urban Fun

- Red and Blue Joy

- Bright and Bold Summer

December 2021 -(First 2 Wednesday of the month) 
 1/12/21 - BOOK
8/12/21 - BOOK

PROJECT: Felt and Embroidery Christmas Decorations Special.

This workshop will sure make you feel festive, so why not treat yourself? 2.5 hours of craft bliss with sparkly beads and colourful felts, samples and embroidery ideas to accompany you on your merry journey. Materials are all provided, so just show up. Super friendly, step by step approach. Beginner or intermediate there will be plenty for you to play with.

This workshop could genuinely be the handmade Christmas gift game changer for you. It definitely was for us and we never looked back.


Note: This is queer friendly space. <3

Here's some examples of embroidery that







Please read carefully the 'general list of materials' above.

No kits available for this workshop, but feel free to get in touch if having trouble to find materials.


Dates: 3/6, 10/6, 17/6, 

Time: 6pm- 9pm

via Zoom

£10 for a single ticket

£28 for the bundle

This workshop is for beginners and anyone who'd like to spend three weeks exploring different stitches for floral compositions and styles.


Flowers have been associated with embroidery for centuries, but what kind of flowers are we thinking of here?

In this workshop we'll explore some traditional gems great for beginners and slightly more unconventional and creative approaches too with plenty of tips to make your embroidery as enjoyable and relaxing as it can be with your wellbeing in mind.


Through live small embroidery exercises and in-class experiments, you will be encouraged to develop your own practice and discover the right pace and approach for you.


Moody Bright Designs has sustainability, textile recycling and and community wellbeing at its heart: we highly recommend you source your fabrics responsibly and, ideally, for this workshop in particular, we'd like you to use or re-use cotton from a shirt or old bedsheets.

WEEK 1: English garden

WEEK 2: Folk Flowers

WEEK 3: Fantastic Flowers  + 

Creative Explorations

*You can attend from any part of the world as long as you follow London UK time.  Kits for sale  for UK based people (majorly sorry, it's special times).Must be ordered 7 days before the workshop you have booked.