These workshops will focus on hand-embroidery used as a medium for self- expression and it has your individual ambition and imagination at its centre.

It's time to let your creative self shine and explore!


In each workshop we always look at artworks first.


We do this to warm ourselves up, before more focussed discussions on creative processes can begin. You will receive practical and conceptual tips for every step along the way.


We mix traditional and experimental techniques.

Traditional techniques might include hand-stitching appliquées, quilting techniques, patchwork, drawing, colouring, tracing, scaling up or down, 

You can join just one month or book a bundle! Commitment is always a great start.

Each monthly workshop is like a chapter within your project.

Because hand-stitching techniques take a lot of time, we've spread three workshops within 3 months. This is so that you can find time to dedicate to your piece. 

You can choose to dip in on just one of the three month bundle, if you're so inclined, though the three workshops have been created to complete round.


This workshop is ideal for anyone who considers themselves creative, but has been lacking confidence, for anyone who's a great starter, but not a great 'finisher', and for anyone who'd like to explore a creative process from start to finish within a structured, yet friendly and supportive environment.

Experience in hand-stitching is welcome, though you'll have the option to choose the  level of difficulty you want to engage with based on confidence, taste and ambitions.

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