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I’m Milou, the creator of Moody Bright Designs – a project that focuses on embroidery and the upcycling of textiles.

My background is in painting and fine arts. I discovered my passion for embroidery 4 years ago, whilst working in the world of second-hand and vintage fashion. Since then, I’ve been experimenting with needle and thread, paint, embroidery traditions whilst also learning to sew.

I believe embroidery is quite a radical tool to make art in the times we live in. Its slow pace and longstanding association with acts of resistance and wellbeing suits very well my intellectual interests and sense of purpose. I really don’t see embroidery as ‘merely’ decorative.  Inspired by folklore and folk art,  embroidery makes me think of the richness of people’s lives and stories, making the mark it leaves on fabric, a powerful witness of value, care and emotional existence.

Moody Bright Designs began as a response to concerns about fast fashion and the environment.